• Raping Her Is Not The Answer For Your Relief Or Revenge

    Whenever I open my social media profiles I often see headlines like “Karate teacher arrested,” “Hosiery worker arrested,” “70-year-old South Korean arrested,” “Skating instructor arrested,” etc. Sometimes I even come across headlines like “Father arrested”, “Pastor Arrested”, etc. Do you know why they were arrested? Murdering? Robbery? NO! For Raping! People from all sort of field! Even Blood Relations! Can you imagine the kind of world we live in? I’m just 23 years old, and I feel bad for this, then think about millions of fathers, husbands, brothers, etc. who … [READ MORE]

  • How My Blogging Journey Actually Started

    2007/2008 — Few years ago, I was waiting outside a browsing centre in my area, eager to check my email (which I created 2 days before). I didn’t get any emails (I was weird to think I’ll get any), I was not surprised, I had no contacts, probably the first in my gang to have an email address, so I just checked those good-for-nothing spam emails and used Google for.. searching random stuff randomly. So again, I wasted some 20 bucks (they charge Rs.20 for 1 hour) for *nothing*. 20 … [READ MORE]

  • Are You Earning Money For Your Father-in-law & Mother-in-law?

    making money in laws

    The title asks you one question, but I’m going to ask you another 4 questions right now. Four very simple questions. FIRST: When was your first income? • SECOND: How did you earn it? • THIRD: How did you spend it? • FOURTH: Why did you earn it? Most of us can answer the first 3 questions easily, but when it comes to the last question, we don’t really have an answer. I mean, we do have an answer, but we are not sure about that. We all have several … [READ MORE]