Raping Her Is Not The Answer For Your Relief Or Revenge

Whenever I open my social media profiles I often see headlines like “Karate teacher arrested,” “Hosiery worker arrested,” “70-year-old South Korean arrested,” “Skating instructor arrested,” etc. Sometimes I even come across headlines like “Father arrested”, “Pastor Arrested”, etc. Do you know why they were arrested? Murdering? Robbery? NO! For Raping! People from all sort of field! Even Blood Relations! Can you imagine the kind of world we live in? I’m just 23 years old, and I feel bad for this, then think about millions of fathers, husbands, brothers, etc. who worry about their loved ones and their safety in this world? This is something that should be stopped, in any way possible.

Raping Her Is Not The Answer For Your Relief Or Revenge

When I was discussing this “Rape” topic with my friends, we just normally discussed weird random things, like the kind of punishment Rapists should get, the kind of security girls should have, personal ethics, politicians’ views, blah blah. But when I actually had an encounter (not too close) with a rape victim I realized those were not the topics we should have discussed. We mostly worry about the rapist’s punishment, but we all forget about what should be done for the Rape victims, innocent tribal girls, minor girls, even pregnant girls, etc., we don’t really think about their life after this, do we?

I badly want people to understand that a rape victim or someone who didn’t have consensual sex is just like any other normal girl, her virginity or character won’t be ruined by that. Virginity ≠ Purity. Some people even blame the victim for getting raped! Did she provoke him to rape her? What, her dress, attitude, cleavage? So why was a 6-year-old got raped then? Her dress or attitude?! It’s the mindset of the people, not the victim’s behavior or dress.

Some people often ask what’s the difference between a porn star getting fucked and a normal girl getting fucked (raped)?! Why the former seems to enjoy whereas the latter cries for it? Your comparison is VERY WRONG! Isn’t “Sex” is a pleasure-sort-of-thing? Well, honestly, it isn’t.

Rape Is A Sexual Assault, Not Consensual Sex

Rape is a type of sexual assault, and it is no way related to getting pleasure. Whoa, wait no pleasure?! Shouldn’t they get pleasure when male and female sexual organs interact?! Seems logical enough but we lack enough knowledge in this subject. There are some technical things people often misunderstand, there is something called “Sex” and “Consensual Sex.” Pleasure is all about “Consensual Sex”, where both male and female have desires. A male’s body is ready for Sex 24/7 but for a female, it is not the exact case, her body needs to be prepared for that.

‘Vagina’ is more-or-less a female’s sexual organ and unlike male’s sexual organ ‘Penis,’ it is not available for intercourse 24/7. There are some specific stages for it, that’s when it will be eligible for intercourse or sexual activity, so before that, if your sexual organ enters it, it will rip the internal organs and causes a huge amount of damage. Damages that’ll ruin her physically and mentally.

Sex is a divine love whereas Rape is a dirty and cheap thing. You have absolutely no right to touch her without her permission; you can be her father, brother, husband, teacher, or whatever.

Problems Rape Victims Face Because of YOU

You just think that it was just an act of pleasure, and it’ll end in a day?! If you are a fucking asshole like that, you should learn more about it before touching her! If you ask a guy what he’ll do after he was forcibly fucked (raped) by a girl, he would simply reply he got over with it, or blah blah or majority of them won’t even care such a thing happened.

But if you ask this same question to a girl rape victim you’ll understand how ignorant we were. It’ll affect her life (she even tries to commit suicide), it’ll affect her periods (irregular menstrual periods), it’ll affect her pregnancy possibilities, puberty issues, marriage problems, cause her physical and mental pain, and if you are a sexual psychopath you might even cause her diseases.

I don’t see any point in having sex with someone who isn’t even interested in you. If you really want to have sex, try your luck with someone who is interested or try your hands for the time being.

What Could Actually Stop These Incidents?

Since rapists ruin a girl’s life totally, I often end up thinking Death might be a suitable punishment for this. But there are ups and downs for this, it could also be taken advantage of and could be easily misused when we lack good evidence. Even sometimes girls might misuse it, or even the rapist might try to kill her fearing death punishment. So could Prostitution be legalized? I don’t really think so, changing the mindset of the people is important rather than legalizing such things. Even such people rape the prostitutes, let that be her profession or not, touching her without their consent is illegal and inhuman. Even though we have laws to overcome this, but we do know that we can easily break them with money, it starts right from bribing a Traffic Police Officer to bribing a Supreme Court Judge.

“Even though the laws are there, many people feel they can get away with anything, an attitude that some of our politicians have gone out their way to encourage,” said Ranjana Kumari, a prominent women’s rights activist and director of the Centre for Social Research in New Delhi.

I’m not really in a correct state of mind to give a perfect solution, but morally teaching people about what really happens when a girl is raped or by creating a better society will minimize such incidents. Start this from School, teach them moral science and tell them what really happens. Learn to understand the problems your friends, sisters, cousins, wife and mother face in the real world. Ask your wife, sister or mother, the kind of pain they faced during their periods and pregnancies. Do you want to cause more pain to a girl’s life by raping her?

Planning To Have Relief or Revenge In the Form Of Rape?

Then you must be the best fucking idiotic asshole ever. Just give a Google search for Rape Arrests and you’ll see the kind of crime you are committing. Going to rape her since she betrayed you? Cheated you? Back-stabbed you? I can seriously understand your urge to have revenge, but you don’t really want to take action that’ll totally ruin both your life and her life. Do you want your photos on Newspapers, Televisions and Social Media portraying you as a Rapist? Do you want your parents and children to know about it? Think about your sister, daughter, mother, close friends getting raped? Will you like that? Do you think they can live their life easily after that?

Rape ≠ Revenge (or) Relief. Rape = Crime.

Most rapists or people who plan to rape think that she will not reveal this matter to anyone and keep it as a secret. But those days are over; she might even find you, stab you with a knife or cut your balls.

Do you want to have a perfect revenge against the girl who betrayed you or cheated you? It’s very simple, just forget her and live your life happily. She doesn’t deserve to be a good wife to you or a good mother to your children. Raping her is not the answer for your relief or your revenge!

We can’t really rely on anyone these days, even the police and politicians are merely giving a just-for-sake comment about rape incidents. I remember reading a news article where a top police official casually remarked like, “If you can’t prevent rape, you enjoy it.” Seriously?! See the kind of people we are dealing with.. never trust anyone, just yourself. If you are a rape victim and if you are reading this, please be an inspiration for other girls, live your life boldly. Fuck the society and others opinions! Let me tell you something about them; they’ll die so hard to see a nude female body but after seeing that, they’ll term her a whore. So ignore those dipshits. Virginity is something that deals with our heart and trust, not really related to purity. Follow your passion and enjoy your life. 🙂