From My Personal Life To My Professional Life.

Ever since I fell in love with Orkut (You do remember that right?), I have been snooping around the internet for the past few years. I started to blog when I didn’t have a computer of my own, I used browsing centers and I spent a fortune there. I didn’t realize I’ll somehow earn the money I invested because I started blogging without knowing I can earn from that. I didn’t realize that, seriously. The Internet is addictive, you either get addicted to “Porn” or “Social Media”. I’m not sure which addiction was higher, but both were helpful in one way.

Few years ago (2006 or 2007), I was waiting outside a browsing centre in my area, eager to check my email (which I created 2 days before). I didn’t get any emails (I was weird to think I’ll get any), I was not surprised, I had no contacts, probably the first in my gang to have an email address, so I just checked those good-for-nothing spam emails and used Google for.. searching random stuff randomly. So again, I wasted some 20 bucks (they charge Rs.20 for 1 hour) for *nothing*. Then I came to know about Google’s Blogger platform through my elder brother and also about Google Adsense. That could be the beginning of my Blogging Life.

With the Internet (especially with “Blogging”) I was able to live a different life, more independent life in fact. My first smartphone (Xperia Mini), my first laptop (MacBook Pro), and my first iPhone (iPhone 5), all credits to my blog(s). At one point, I asked myself whether I’m spending too much? But I realized the need for money, will help you to earn more money. Necessity is the mother of invention like they say. I spent almost 30 to 40% of the money I earn, rest I invest on other stuff and wait for ROI.

I’m a big fan of movies, I’m not sure whether I’ll end up with a movie script or making a documentary, I love to work behind the camera. I watch lots of movies, I spend most of time browsing various threads on my Facebook group “MoviesDrop“.

I love traveling and visiting new places. I’m a food freak, so you can see me “checking in” on various hotels, full details on my Foursquare profile. I’m an Atheist, not because Science rocks, but because Religion sucks. You can believe in God, but that doesn’t mean you need to form a religion.

Been thinking about creating a personal blog for many years, but time and exams were punctually blocking it. This is Pradeep Kumar’s Personal Blog. I’m writing this blog post now, my age is 22, and I’m healthy. But time will fly like High-speed rail in China, and this blog will give good memories (people die, but memories don’t!) for me and for others, close to me.

Pradeep Kumar – I’m a Blogger from India.

I don’t have any ambition to become rich or popular, I want to enjoy my life without any silly restrictions and also make use of my life. I make money to make use of my life. I’m a blogger from India. I grew up in Chennai. I blog about various topics I love. I started my first blog with Google’s Blogger platform, then started to upgrade using HellBound Bloggers (HBB). This is my first official blog, like a “Pillayar suzhi” to my Blogging life.

After that I wanted to expand the topics I was blogging on HellBound Bloggers (HBB), so I moved the ‘webhosting’ and ‘domain names’ section from HBB and started a new blog called HostLater. Being a Horror movie freak I also started a Movies Blog called MoviesDrop.

I didn’t stop there. I also wanted to separate the ‘gadgets’ and ‘mobiles’ posts from HBB and move them into another blog. Right now I’m working on that blog exclusively. Then I decided I should have a hub for these blogs so that I can connect them at a single place. So I started a blog network named Slashsquare for this. I’m happy that we are doing better day by day. Slashsquare is an Indian Blog Network and Web Consulting Media, as of now, though I have big plans to expand it further. ๐Ÿ™‚

I also love photography, and I’m right now experimenting it with my smartphone. Waiting to get my hands on a good DSLR. Oh, not another “Pradeep Photography” page, just another monkey with a DSLR. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Pradeep Kumar B.E.? Are You Graduated?

Yes, and I’m really happy about that. I was not really waiting for my graduation, I just want to complete this and move ahead. ๐Ÿ˜€

It’s a big story, and I had so many backlogs (arrears), so it was not really easy for me to complete my degree in time, but it was sorted by using some ways. I had so much of backlogs, even in practicals. ๐Ÿ˜€ Not bragging about this, but I somehow feel special that I wrote more papers than others. ๐Ÿ˜›

This blog is a personal blog of mine, I’ll write about the things that make me productive/lazy, happy/sad, proud/envy, etc. I won’t write about any product (direct) reviews or in short, endorse them. Feel free to connect with me on Facebook and Twitter, I’m active on these two networks. If you want to know more about my personal and professional life, you can browse through my Online Interviews.

Personal Stuffs โ‰  Promotional Stuffs. This is my personal blog, I won’t be promoting any products/services here. All my opinions and views are personal.